While in Vegas

It was a ‘kid in a candy store’ type of day yesterday...rock hopping, loud music on the open road, trespassing in abandoned waterparks in the desert.  Nothing global and exotic, but enough of a rush to keep the smile on my face driving home through Southern California 5 ‘o’ clock traffic.  Just because, I’m also tacking on a few frames from the previous days desert-art-installation-bucket-list adventure.  I wish the people weren’t there, but at least they give you an idea of the scale of those randomly stacked rocks.  

(And in case someone and that someone’s children and another photographer friend want to journey back to that magical and creepy waterpark...possibly in the dark with some high powered lights...I have a super fun series to put together complete with hot dogs, cotton candy, swimsuits, zinc, blow up inner tubes and plenty of water-free fun for the whole family!)