Birthdays always seem to lend themselves to something deeper than the average, run of the mill thought processes.  As does the month of November, considering we focus so much on giving thanks.  Being that I was born in the month of November means that I have no escape from the inevitable birthday gratitude blog.  Go figure.  

Here’s to a new year. To thoughts and wisdom from the corners of my heart this past year and from a recent jaunt into the wild.  May it inform the year I am embarking on today.  I am grateful:

For the wisdom and audacity of friends to tell it like they see it; to reach into my life and look past the things that can’t be passed up and call forth something new.  

For still feeling small when I stand beside the ocean.

For the emptiness of the early morning in a midweek forrest of trees bigger than my pain.

For sky and air and things that listen when you talk out loud to nobody and everybody who isn’t actually there.

For pen and paper and a tangled wet laundry heap of dirty words hung out to dry.

For being only 5’ 3” and fitting comfortably, fully stretched out in the back of a Dodge Durango.

For rain and rain and more rain to remind me that colors are far more vibrant in a storm.

For whiskey and swedish fish to keep me going and put me to sleep all at the same time.

For God’s breath in my lungs, small and shallow, long and deep, quickened or calm.

For the chance to do it all again.