The Nest Winter Wonderland

Fashion has never been my thing.  I care that my clothes are comfortable and low maintenance and are versatile enough to be worn in a diverse array of social situations.  In addition, having a young toddler, I have done away with adornments such as earrings and necklaces for the time being.  

Photographing fashion, though, is a whole new animal.  I have had the time of my life working with Tessa Dee Miller and The Nest to put together her two most recent Lookbooklets.  These are a seasonal mini version of the Lookbook she puts out each year to highlight items in her store and send a vibe for what people can expect when shopping there.  We have yet to add furniture to the shoot.  (Which she has a lot of.  Incredible vintage gems of furniture that you don’t want to pass up.  This stuff is the real deal.  Well made and beautiful.  For you era-themed treasure hunters, this is absolutely your place.) (Hint, hint, you should go shop there.  And pick up a copy of the Lookbooklet.)  The winter shoot was supposed to have a to-die-for green crushed velvet sofa with ornate wood base, button tufted back, and intricate wood detailing on arms and legs.  This sold before had the chance to haul it up the mountain into the storm.  Great for The Nest, bad for our photo shoot.  

Thus, the vision changed a bit and we reworked our original dream of a multi-day shoot in the middle of a snowstorm with lit chandeliers hanging from evergreens and friends warming their hands on mugs filled with cider while sitting on rugs (and the green sofa) as snowflakes drifted down onto eyelashes and they opened gifts and laughed and drank and nestled into their mittens and hats lined with fur and sparkled in the dusk of a magical winter wonderland.

It would be incredible.  And I have full confidence we will do that again someday.  But that’s not what we got.  Playing the weather is a little trickier than we expected and having models that can toss their current plans on the fly to cram in the car and rush up the mountain for a few hours as the light wanes brings it’s own set of challenges. 

All that to say, our shoot was awesome!  Not what we wanted or expected, but that’s half the magic of it.  You work with what you have.  And what we had was perfect.  Not even half of these shots made it into the Lookbooklet so I wanted to share them here.  If your in Reno, you can also pick up a copy of the Reno Tahoe Tonight to see a spread there, too.

Pick up a free copy of the Lookbooklet at The Nest on Keystone Ave. in Reno and spend some time browsing around the store.  I can guarantee you will find something that is calling your name.

And, I can also guarantee the Summer Lookbook will blow the top off this one.  Stay tuned.