#OptOutside (even when it's cold)

The fact that I can go outside for less than 5 minutes and come back in a happier person is proof that even the most minute experience of nature revives the soul.  It’salso proof that this frozen Narnia of a landscape and my current season of mothering a toddler (however beautiful both of those are) are giving me too much time with others inside and not enough time to myself outside.

This year, New Year’s resolutions weren’t made in our family; or at least not made verbal.  But resolve we do, regardless of who’s listening and my mantra since January 1 has been the marketing slogan for REI on black friday: #optoutside.  Maybe some of you make deep and thoughtful and life changing resolutions.  Not me.  I’m just a consumer and get sucked into marketing at it’s finest.  

And in this case, it’s totally worth it.

Even if I only have a 5 minute window, or make a 5 minute window, the stuff right outside that window (literally) is begging for me to come play and it’s filling my soul to indulge that (even if I have to take my mini assistant clomping around in the snow with me).  Most of the recent posts, pictures, etc. have been a result of short excursions down to my little gem of a lake just to breath a bit.  And, of course, take pictures.  

Because that is often my therapy.